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A handy guide to see the schedules of our teachers and find out some more about them! 


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Teaching Hours 

10:30am - 6pm Monday

3pm-6pm Tuesday

11:00am to 6pm Thursday

Instruments Taught

Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele and Vocals

About Gen 

Moving to Australia from the U.K. in 2017, Gen joined her brother Dom on the Music Bus team! She has spent the previous 4 years teaching, acting and working with children with learning difficulties.

Stuart Ferguson.jpg


Teaching Hours 

10am - 6pm Monday

3pm - 6pm Tuesday and Thursday

1:30pm to 6pm Friday

Instruments Taught

Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Vocals

About Stuart 

Stuart started playing Guitar at age 10 and has been playing in bands around Melbourne since he was 12. Having completed his Bachelors Degree in Music in 2017 all of his time is now dedicated to teaching and creating music.



Teaching Hours 

3pm - 6pm Thursday

8am -12pm Saturday

Instruments Taught

Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Bass and Ukulele

About Nick

Nick joined the Music Bus team in Hobart in 2018. With a Bachelor of Contemporary Music he has been teaching since 2012, has been professionally performing since 2010 and writes and produces. His areas of speciality are guitar, recording and music technology.

Christine McVeigh.JPG


Teaching Hours 

4pm to 5pm Monday

2:30pm to 6:30pm Thursday

2pm to 6:30pm Friday

Instruments Taught

Keyboard and Ukulele

About Christine

Christine is back in the classroom! Coming from a background of 2 years classroom teaching and 5 years private teaching she is a smash hit with her students.

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