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We bring Music to your ClassRoom!

We are a video conferencing, classroom music program, aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

We can bring interactive, live music lessons to the classrooms of every school in Australia!

No matter where you are we want to bring music to you through the power of technology! 


The Music Room is a school funded classroom music program connecting your classes with an experienced Music Teacher each week delivering a program that is aligned with the Australian curriculum. This program will operate in your classrooms during school hours and will be a fantastic supplement to your current creative arts curriculum. It will also save your teachers hours of preparation and planning time each week.  

The Music Room breaks down the barriers of distance, time, size, lack of instruments, staffing and expense. It is the perfect solution for schools in rural and remote areas, schools of small size or schools who cannot attract a music teacher on site. Your students no longer need to miss out on a quality music program.

What to expect from your Music Room Lessons

Each Music Room lesson is 30 minutes long and is run via the internet, using video conferencing software. While each lesson is run by one of our experienced teachers, it is expected that your classroom teacher (or allocated staff member) remains in the room at all times. This is for child safety and also to assist with the running of the session such as splitting the class into groups when needed, handing out equipment or worksheets. It is expected that the classroom teacher will be an active participant in the class.


For a Music Room lesson to run, your classroom will need a projector, webcam and speaker. All of these can be found in an interactive whiteboard or smartboard.

Classroom Set Up

Music Room lessons often have different activities that may involve sitting on the floor in a circle, sitting on the floor in a group, or sitting at desks (to use worksheets or equipment). You will be informed in advance where the students will need to be for each lesson, but our lessons are very flexible and we will work with what your setup is.


Each week prior to your lesson you will receive an email including your video conferencing link as well as worksheets that may need to be printed out or any equipment you may need.

Lesson Structure

Each lesson is broken up into three sections:

  • Knowledge (approximately ten minutes)
  • Skill (approximately ten minutes)
  • Explore (five minutes)
In the Knowledge section, students will be introduced to or will practice the musical elements and Australian Curriculum elements through interactive activities. The Skill section is where the students will use this knowledge in a practical way, either by singing, playing, composing or moving to music. In the Explore section, students will participate in ‘music appreciation’, this may be a short video or a fun game or activity.


Each Music Room Lesson is $100. As the lessons are purchased in a term package, the price per term may vary depending on the length of the term. You will be sent an invoice before the commencement of lessons and payment is required within 7 days of receiving the invoice and before the first lesson. Discounts are available for booking multiple lessons.


Some photos of our virtual music lessons in action!


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Multi Age Year Overview


Rhythm - Introducing crotchets, beamed quavers, crotchet rests, repeat sign, beats and Italian musical terms for rhythm such as andante and presto.

Dynamics: Focusing on loud and soft and Italian terms such as Piano and Forte.


Rhythm: Introducing the minim.

Pitch: Looking at high and low pitches on the treble and bass clefs.

Form: Distinguishing between songs that have different or same forms and introducing echo.

DynamicsFocusing on very loud and very soft with Italian terms such as Fortissimo & Pianissimo.


Rhythm: Introducing beamed semiquavers and the semibreve.

Pitch: Recognising pitch that is going up & going down. Looking at Verse/ chorus (AB) form.

Timbre: Talking about how every voice & instrument has its own distinct sound. Discussing how sound is produced – i.e hit, blown, plucked or shaken.


Rhythm: Introducing different semiquaver and quaver rhythms.

Dynamics: Introducing medium loudness including Italian terms such as mezzo forte & mezzo piano.

Form: Focusing on 'round' form.

Texture: Introduction to concepts such as 'Unison' and 'Drone'.

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and the Creative Kids Program.